Friday, November 26, 2010

The De Grummond Children's Literature Collection: The Vitality and Importance of the Bookworm

     One would not expect to find children's fiction books in Cook Library at the University of Southern Mississippi, but a very unique collection is exhibited here--right next to a Curious George mascot, himself.  This cherished exhibit, called the De Grummond Children's Literature Collection, was founded in 1966 by University of Southern Mississippi's children's literature professor Dr. Lena Y. De Grummond with the vision of creating a showcase for the creative processes behind children's literature. Since 1957 when Dr. De Grummond received her first contribution, the De Grummond Children's Literature Collection serves as one of the leading children's literature research archives in North America. Containing over 100,000 historical and contemporary works from over 1300 British and American authors and illustrators, the collection holds orignal manuscripts, dummies, illustrations, and sketchbooks.
     Personally, I was thrilled to walk about the display room for the collection at Cook Library.  Even though most of the collection is kept in the McCain Library and Archives, there were many enticing items contained in this room. I loved being able to see Ezra Jack Keats's illustrations for his book Snowy Day, for this was one of my favorite bed time stories to read when I was a child. I could not believe that I was staring at authentic illustrations from one of my all-time cherished books! Additionally, I had never seen anything like the full-paneled storyboards suspended from the ceiling, and I wish I could have had my face imprinted on a medallion like the winners of the University of Southern Mississippi Medallion Award have earned. All and all, this exhibit was a treat, and I hope it is ever the more useful to researchers today.

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